Sunsail Racing – New sponsor onboard

Yesterday Sunsail Racing officially announced they are coming onboard as one of my sponsors for the mini transat.

I am delighted.

When I first made my way down to the Solent at the tender age of 18, with a dream of working on boats; like so many others my first job was with Sunsail. Though then they had 15 boats ranging between 32 and 35 feet and no GPS’s! (Am I showing my age?)

Well, we have both moved on, me to a 21ft crazy little boat I am going to race across the Atlantic and Sunsail to a brand new fleet of First 40 yachts, one of which I will be racing at Cowes next week.

Many thanks to them for their support, it is great to feel that they are behind what I am doing and that as a company Sunsail supports sailing as a sport as well as a business.


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2 thoughts on “Sunsail Racing – New sponsor onboard

  1. Couldnt help my self…. Grandma.

    Very exciting, news. Your boat is going to like like ours for round britain with that many stickers on. Maybe you should look for a vinyl sponsor too.
    Thanks for the support on Monday.

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