The Big Launch Day

i have been so quiet.

Nose hard to the grind stone. The Shed was lifted out 3 weeks ago and it has been hard graft all the way. Sanding the bottom, anti fouling and then sanding again, and now she is ready to go. Smooth and beautiful and I am exhausted.

No time to be tired though. I launch at 2pm then start the double handed cherbourg race at 8pm. Not much of a time to breath between.

This will be Phil and my first RACE together and I am looking forward to it. I do not think we will truelly know what each of us to do until we get into a race situation, with pressure and through the night.

We are on a bit of a back foot to start with as I do not have a number 3 jib. This is my biggest upwind sail so pretty important.

Got to run now!

More when we get back, fingers crossed.

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