Three Peaks Yacht Race

It’s nearly tracker time again folks – and this time I will be having another crack at the epic 3 peaks yacht race, starting 11th June.

Though my heart is well and truly to be found out in the middle of an Ocean there are a couple of UK races that really get me excited because they stretch the mortal sailor to the absolute limits of physical and mental performance.  The 3 Peaks yacht race is one of these events and I am really excited to be competing this year with an INCREDIBLE all female team.

If you are not familiar with the race the concept is simple enough, you sail to the closest port to each of the three highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales, then two of your crew must summit the peaks. But don’t be fooled, this race is not simple; it involves navigation through some of the most challenging waters in the UK, encountering up to 8 knot tide in the Swellies, wind holes, rocks and currents in the Scottish Lochs and of course the dreaded Caernafon bar.

It is not just the sailors who must navigate but also the runners who at some point will find themselves hurtling down a mountainside in the dark or even knee deep in snow at the top of Ben Nevis.

I was lucky enough to be part of the winning crew in 2013 on the beautiful yacht ‘Dido’ and even now I look back at that race with a smile on my face.  It was and is an EPIC race.

Our team is Team Aperito, follow the links below to find out more about these women; they are inspiring. We are led by Elin Haf Davies – It would probably be easier to mention things that this lady had not achieved the list is so long – the sailors on the team are myself and Nikki Curwen, fellow mini transat sailor – and running we have TV presenter and Ultra racer Lowri Morgan and Jo Jackson who is flying in from Australia to be part of the team.

Our team is sponsored by medical innovation company Aparito and we will be raising money for the Find a Cure charity who work with suffers of long term and terminal illnesses to find acceptable ways to help them manage or cure their conditions.  If you are inspired by what we are doing then please do make a donation.  We are also being very proudly supported by British outdoor clothing specialists, Keela and SubZero

Finally, there will be an opportunity to see first-hand the real challenges of this epic race as we will have on board with us a camera person who will be documenting our race for programmes to be shown on Channel 4 and Welsh language SC4 later in the year.






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