TJV – Start day

I slept on the boat last night – well if you can call it sleeping. I lay on a bean bag with a million things whirling round my head. Lists and thoughts and imaginings of what the next three weeks at sea is going to bring.

The forecast is intimidating. It would be a foolish person that looked at an incoming low pressure like the one we will encounter in a day and a half’s time and didn’t get that feeling in the pit of their stomach.  Concise 2 is a strong and well prepared boat, of this I am sure but the chances are we are going to see some full on conditions to test her out early in the race.

The noise in the port started at 5am – Monsiour French announcer who has been the sound track to our basin lives for the last week started to chat at 5.30 as the first of the multi hulls got ready to leave.

By the time we were off at 0800 the dockside were already lined with French well wishers. The crowds on the pontoons saying good bye were thick and the past weeks build up is definitely coming to the point of explosion.

We start at 1330 for those that want to watch it live the link is here if not then the tracker is now on the TJV webpage here


The start is all 44 of us en masse – we have one line with a French military vessel as committee boat in the middle, multi hulls to one side and mono’s to the other. A short 10 mile course along the French coast and then we are off. I will be blogging and sending pictures throughout the race to share Pips and my experiences as we take on the 5400 mile legendary Transat Jacques Vabre.

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