Update from the support boat

coucher_soleilCurtesey of Mini Transat 2013:

“From on board his Class40, Benedict Parnaudeau shares some information about life on board and the weather conditions. To discover in a few words:
“No wind, or wind from above if you look at the ensign. There’s a starry sky, full darkness until the arrival of a half moon, which is shrouded with a light green before showing the tip of his nose. Aboard we are looking at this bump in the weather, trying to understand the phenomena that surround us.
After a week of sailing the guys and girls have mastered helming. They are now learning to trim. A sail in front, a sail behind and and three attachment points on each. It’s the right balance between these two sails that keeps the helm and the speed comfortable. One thing is sure: she needs the wind. If there isn’t sufficient to make progress it’s just no fun.  But we will have a little patience, a little swimming, perhaps? “

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