A moment of Calm

All the stars are out; one hundred million from horizon to horizon filling a black, black sky with no interruption from clouds.

There is the tiniest slither of a yellow crescent moon, hanging in the sky over where I know there are mountains, miles to the North; the whole shape of the moon is visible but just the bottom portion painted bright by the sun and offering no useful light to me on another inky dark night, other than something beautiful to remember.

There is a ship on the horizon, I can just see it’s two white lights winking as the occasional crests of waves obscure them from view.

I am very content. I feel happy and feel like I belong here; this is my world and a quiet world at the moment.

I have taken a couple of hours off this evening, allowing the boat to pace along on it’s own, making steady miles, not rushing, just moving while I took some time to sleep and recharge ready for the madness that I know lies ahead.

I am sitting in the companionway, drinking tea and just enjoying.

This is a part of my world I do not normally share; the calmness, the beauty, this feeling of total ease and belonging.

Is it worthy of a blog?

Perhaps not action packed enough to keep your attention; but it has my attention; whole heartedly.

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