Still Floating

What fantastic sanding weather.

The sun is shining, there is a brisk northerly wind but the Shed is still in the water.   We were supposed to lift her out today so I could start on preparations for the Round Britiand and Ireland race, but we missed the tide and I will have to wait another day to start the hard graft.

Time has been usefully spent though, emptying The Shed of all unnecessary items and getting her back to the race trim she was in for the OSTAR last year.

Where did all that stuff come from? When I came back from America last year, I only had the bare essentials in my life, just the things I needed to fix the boat, feed myself and get by. However in the intervening winter all my things seem to have been breeding.

Two plastic bowls and a metal spoon have turned into china plates, wine glasses, A HAND HELD BLENDER! I have tools galore, a guitar, more clothes than I could wear in a month and 7 different varieties of tea.

It would appear I have been getting soft. Time to put it all into storage and go back to the simple life that is offshore racing.

While preparing the boat, I am also full swing into preparing myself for the endurance race ahead. I always run but am trying to improve pace and times at the moment, boat work is good for strength, and climbing the mast. It suprises me how quickly you can lose condition through a period off the water.

Getting The Shed out of ‘house’ mode and into ‘race’ mode is really evoking feelings of excitment in me. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead this year, and just cannot wait to get back out into that ocean. We have a race to compete in!

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