Race Week – Wednesday – Meet the class



I’m trying to appear cool. Sometimes I feel ready sometimes I don’t.


The only thing which is stopping me racing at the moment is my flipping VHF aerial which is leading me a merry dance and had me late night soldering.


I think I have cracked it; one more trip up the mast and then I will call ‘semaphore La Chevre’ for the millionth time and if they respond you might here me woop.


Amongst all of the preparations I had one of my favourite transat visits yesterday – from the class that will be following me through the race CM2.


Sailing is a national sport in France, a lot of children learn sailing in school and my round the world heroes are also the heroes of many a French schoolchild, and are household names.


I had my moment of fame yesterday when 20 children came down to meet me on my boat in the race village. I was overwhelmed at how pleased and excited they were to meet me and see my boat. They all came onboard to look down below, went and tried the cabin out for size and asked me questions about where I slept and was it going to be hard. I autographed many little pieces of paper and a poster for their teacher.


They have made me a picture which I will stick on my mainsail and take across the Atlantic to Guadeloupe – I will put a photo of this up tomorrow.


At the end of the visit we had a group photo together, and I said some of the children could come and stand on my boat with me for the photo.


It is a good job Pogo 2s are built like tanks as the whole class ran towards the boat and children were scrambling to get over the guard rails and into the cockpit. Eventually the teacher called a halt as the boat was listing over to one side which the weight of me and CM2.


What a fantastic experience I am so pleased to share my race with this class and to meet them all and be their hero for the day.



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