20 Days to go and it’s a Boat spa


a perfect bottom with Performance Extra           flag logo for old times sake

While I am running around chasing my tail and putting together all the makings of a mini campaign you might be glad to hear my boat is taking it easy and being pampered properly at the boat spa.


Since I first started Single Handed Ocean Racing in 2009 I have always given as much attention to preparations below the waterline as above. Indeed those that have followed my blogs since that first OSTAR will remember pictures every year of me sanding the bottom of a Shed, big or small; covered in blue anti-fouling and grimacing against the physical effort of sanding over my head for hours on end.


This is the equivalent of the boat spa, a full sand off to remove old paint and anti-fouling, repairs and faring of the bottom to make it smooth before the application of a high quality racing anti-fouling which can then be sanded back to 400 or 600 grit for a race winning finish.


This year is no exception, my boat is at the spa however as I am still in work full time I have given up the job of this beauty treatment to the very safe hands of James from Yachting Sports Ltd in Hamble.


Since 2009 my anti-fouling has been supplied by Flag Finishes and I have used Performance Extra Antifouling which has never let me down; in fact after the 2011 mini my boat was one of the few that did not have a weedy beard by the time we got to Brazil and Flag Antifouling is made in England, so thank you Flag for supporting me again on this race across the Atlantic!

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