21 Days to Go – That is three weeks….only three weeks!



£1500 still to raise, I am so close to target it’s amazing; thank you to everyone who has got involved, sponsored or donated via my website.


My last blog was at 33 days to go and since then my feet have not touched the ground.


My work at the RNLI has been full on for the last couple of weeks; as the HQ team and the delivery teams for Coastal Safety have been brought together to work on our strategy to save lives at sea through preventative measures. I have been leaving work head buzzing, making it hard to focus on my mini campaign at all.


However my boat has not needed my attention for the last week as I strapped it to it’s road trailer and delivered it to the amazing Yachting Sports in Hamble where James, who is one of only two people I would trust to work on my boat, is giving the bottom it’s pre race make over, and making sure the rest of the boat is in top condition to race.


Meanwhile my job is purely organisation, I am making appointments for my Safety Checks and medical kit checks, organising on-going travel plans with Brittany Ferries, finalising shipping the boat back to the UK, it is all going on.


There are only 7 days left till GBR 743 ‘The Potting Shed’ gets onto a ferry and heads for France and so this week I need to pack and label tool kits, repair kit and spares, first leg food, with second leg food packed and sent to my Mum to fly out to Lanzarote with. I have got methanol for my fuel cell, I have all of my charts except a detailed one of Guadeloupe (which I must order today) in short things are getting ready.


This weekend I checked and serviced the mast and standing rigging and replaced my VHF ariel.


My One Sails are being finished off at the loft in Levington in Suffolk and will be on their way to me shortly; my electronics are being serviced at Raymarine, I picked up my newly serviced EPIRB and PLB from McMurdo at the boat show. What have I forgotten?


I can feel a hectic week coming on and in amongst all of that still £1500 to find. If any readers to my blog have ideas to shave this total down please let me know.

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