Boats, planes and problems

Complicated travel arrangements were the name of the game last night. Who would have thought that getting a boat, a van and a person over to France would be such a challenge but due to nothing in life being simple….. it has been.

My boat has to be in Douarnenez my the evening of the 3rd October. I do not leave work until the 4th October and would not physically be able to get to France until the 5th October. The prologue race is in the 6th October and my boat must me washed and brushed up for this, on the water and good to go by lunchtime on the 6th.


Just to add to the mix, my other half Ash is coming out for the start on the 13th but will then needs to get to Paris on the evening of the 13th and fly out to Malta for the Middle Sea Race, with Deep Blue Racing on the mighty Quokka.


Complicated yet?


Throw into that friends arriving by plane and car to watch the start of the race and my trusty van that needs to make it’s way back to theUKwithout me after the start.


I think I have cracked it but I ended up with a headache.


So here is the plan, let me know if you see any floors.


Paul Peggs, mini transporter extraordinaire and supporter of me through many mini related adventures will pick up my boat on the 1st October and head over toFrance with it ahead of me, and get it in the water.


I will follow on the overnight ferry on the 4th with Ash and flap around panicking generally about being ready for the prologue.


An amazing amount of friends will arrive and depart via various modes of transport throughout the week leading up to the transat, boats, planes and cars will all being used to their full potential.


The end of a hectic week of preparation will finish off with me heading for the canaries, some folk heading forBrestairport, others heading for the ferry port and one unlucky friend legging it toPariswith Flash who will fly toMaltawhile they double back and drive to a ferry somewhere.


And the pièce de résistance… someone drives my van home.


Got that? I hope so because I haven’t even got into action plan family Hare which involves my Mum and Dad flying out to Lanzarote with food and spares.


Doing well on the fund raising but I need to crack that last little bit. 39 days to go and £3150 to raise.  Thank you again for all of your help messages and donations. I am so looking forward to sharing this race with you all.



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