44 Days to go and I am packing

I have started to pack.  This might seem a little strange with 44 days to go to the start and my personality is swinging between an over organised school teacher, making labels and lists and an over excited six year old getting ready for their first holiday.


But it is important.


The preparation for this race has been such a contrast to the last one when I was full time sailing so in the evenings when nothing else can sensibly done I am packing a clothes, food, tools and spares some to come to France with me on the 4th October and the rest will come out with my Mum and Dad to the stop over.


Food has been a big part of this, I have calculated how many calories I will need for each leg, how many days I expect to be at sea and my race food is now pretty much in place.


Food intake on a mini is pretty basic, it has to be good quality calories and easily heated in a jet boil – freeze dried food is the obvious choice but can you imagine 3 weeks of eating nothing but that?


The advent of microwaveable pouches has added a totally new dimension to my mini sailing, weight wise they work out the same as the extra water you need to carry for freeze dried and the food that comes out of them heats up super quick and tastes amazing.


I am a vegetarian and have always eaten a lot of lentils when I sail, they taste good, are a great source of calories and protein and something I eat in everyday life not survival food.


With this in mind I wrote to Merchant Gourmet as one of my favourite lentil suppliers and was over the moon this week when they got in contact and said that they could sponsor me food for the race.


I was like a kid in a sweet shop (well actually a 39 year old vegetarian woman in a lentil shop) choosing my meals for the legs, lentils, cous-cous, quinoa. I am sure there are people reading this and rolling their eyes but I am genuinely excited.


Easy to cook, no fuss, tasty and familiar food – what could be better to have, hot in your hand after a wild night in the Biscay.


Thank you very much Merchant Gourmet.


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