Coming together

I loved my bank holiday weekend, but three days doesn’t seem to last like it used to.


PooleHarbourwas manic with traffic on Saturday and Sunday so after finishing all my little jobs on the boat I went straight out and stayed out until the hoards had gone home.


The breeze was perfect for testing me and the boat, gusty, strong at times with plenty of opportunity to but change sails, heat things up or slow them down.


It was so good to get on the water, not just blowing out the cobwebs but realigning myself with reality, why I am doing this, how close I am to the start and actually the feeling that the boat is not all that far from being sorted.


Sailing seems at times like an indulgence but there is a practical reason for taking the boat out as much as possible; I need to push it hard to try and break things now rather than two days into the mini transat when the stakes are high.


I am fully aware of the job list, it hasn’t grown which is a great thing, in fact it is getting shorter and the boat feels good – almost ready to race.


I am very pleased to say things all seem to be coming together.


With my mini refit at the top of my mind I have been in touch with my long time sponsors Flag Finishes to order my anti-fouling for the race. In 2011 I used Performance Extra and finished in Brazil as one of the few boats that had not grown weed over the course of the race so I am using the same again this year.


I have also had a further donation of £1000 to the race fund and so I am really pleased to say I only have £5900 to raise – a really heart felt Thank You for that.


I am off to Sunny Cornwall for a couple of days now to pay a final visit to the SwimSafe programme which I have been working on for the RNLI over the summer and which is in it’s final week this week. We should see our 2000th child come through the scheme today and it has been a real pleasure to work on such a beneficial programme.




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