Investing in Safety


Emergency kit is a funny one. You shell out money on all this kit that you really hope never to use, and then mount it and leave it to get abused by the salt water environment until it its time to change the battery or service it, all the while relying 100% that it will go off when we need it the most.


I went to visit the Orolia Ltd yesterday, the home of McMurdo and Kannad to learn about their new AIS MOB beacon system, which I have to say was pretty impressive, and while I was there I took the opportunity to drop off my trusty old EPIRB bought in 2009 for the OSTAR and with many miles now under it’s belt.


On a tour of the factory, we passed through a room where all the old McMurdo models were being serviced and having batteries replaced and I was delighted to hear how they continue support old products, which is becoming less and less the case in our world of every improving technologies.


So my five year old EPIRB will get a new battery and a bit of a spruce up before the big race; the investment I made in my safety all those years ago is still current and valid.


Yesterday was also a sailing day; I rushed down after work to meet my partner Ash and we rigged the boat and ran out to join Thursday evening racing on a wonderful, warm and windyPoolenight.


Racing wasn’t so successful as due to the stupidly strong tides and lack of wind atPooleHarbourentrance the race committee gave us a harbour course. Being more than a little under prepared and not a regularPooleHarbourracer I had only come with a buoy list for outside and so the course read in the secret code over the radio at the start was all Spanish to me and Ash so we settled for a blast around the harbour. Wind in our faces and getting a bit wet.


But believe me that is enough to feed your soul on a work night. This weekend is the real sailing.


51 days to go and only £7000 to raise. Do you notice something about that figure? Oh yes it has gone down! Anyone with any other ideas to help me chip away at it please let me know.

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