52 days to go

I booked my flight back from theCaribbeantoday. Woo Hoo! That makes it real! 52 Days to go.


I am now starting to hear back from friends who are planning on coming to the start of the race; it’s wonderful to have such support and I am determined this time to enjoy the start a lot more and not be the big quivering ball of stress I was in 2011.


As more money goes flying out of my account I am also starting to lean hard on the interest free credit card method of race funding. This is a system that served me well during the last transat and in July I finally paid off the last instalment from my credit cards for the 2011. Just in time to get another for this year’s race; it’s another form of commitment.


After work each day I rush out to my van and drive the five minutes down the road toPortofPoole Marina, where my boat is sitting in a huge berth. The evenings are spent bimbling and tweaking, going through every inch of the boat to service and look for problems.


Last night I was measuring up sail space and hull space for sponsors branding and re-tracing my autopilot wiring and try and remind myself of the days when I installed it.


But a balance has to be made, I can’t stay there all night and eventually I must go home and sit in front of this computer, writing to people searching for clues to try and find the rest of my sponsorship money.


I am resisting the urge to check my emails and phone every five minutes to see if any of the requests for sponsorship my friends and I have sent out over the last couple of weeks have come back. I limit it to once an hour and even then I have to close my eyes while the messages load up so that I don’t get excited by the message header and then disappointed by the content within. It is a crazy way to live your life on such and emotional see saw.


Still I am looking forward to this weekend, when me and my boat get to go sailing. Mission – to find leaks, test electronics and generally poke holes in everything. I can’t wait.

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