The lists are becoming endless; every time you close a door in my house you will find another list on the back of it.


There are 53 days to the start of the mini transat and I am desperately trying to keep on top of it all.


One list is for items to fix, service, install on the boat before it goes over toFranceat the beginning of October; there is one for first leg food, one for the second leg. A bag to pack to give to my Mum to bring out to the stopover, paperwork to be signed off and sent, accommodation and travel arrangements to make.


And the big one, £8000 still to raise.


The lists are covered in notes and random lines, phone numbers, useful suggestions to self. Sometimes I feel organised and on top of it all – things seem to flow, contacts come good and it all happens.


At other times I am swallowed again by all that emotion that comes with a two year build up to an event; worry that something will go wrong and I will let people down, panic at the pace at which I need to work through my jobs, oscillating hope and despair when chasing up ever last sponsorship lead I have.


Over the next 52 days I am going to write a blog every day and share with you these moments of madness and excitement; it’s a way for me to keep a record and prove that I am moving forward but also to share with all of you the incredible feelings leading up to this incredible race.


And not least it will give me a chance to introduce my sponsors, and the people who are supporting me to be on the start line once again for the mini transat.

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