Splash !

If a boat gets launched but you are not there to see it does it still make a splash?



Well apparently so as my mini hit the water again today all managed by my co-skipper for the mini Fastnet Phil Stubbs.


March has been a challenge I am not alone in thinking that I know. Preparation to the boat has been slow, stalled by weather too cold to make repairs outside and to paint and a proper dose of the flu which not only put me off boat work but also stopped me from competing in a 20 mile off road running race which was part of the training regime for the three peaks later in the year.


Last weekend in Poole the temperature did not creep above three degrees and was probably less in the wind chill but I was determined to finish my pre season preparation and spent a horrible day under my boat with icy cold water running from numb sausage fingers, down my sleeve and soaking through jumpers and thermals.


Yes it was that wet sanding time again; just to prove that solo sailing is not all about hurtling down enormous waves with the sun on your back and dolphins on the bow. We have to take the rough with the smooth and last weekend certainly was rough.


But of course I am a great believer in getting back what you put in so my rough has been translated to a super smooth 400 grit bottom (thanks again to the wonder Flag Finishes) and oh YES….. we are going SAILING!!!!





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