It’s been quiet

My page has been silent for a while and those that have got to know me through my blog might have gathered that things have been tough.

I had to make the difficult decision at the beginning of this month to pull out o the Les Sables- Azores race and to stay in the UK working as ever searching for a title sponsor for the Mini Transat 2013.

I has been difficult to leave the boat and press pause on the great leaps I had made with my training and early season racing but reality will come and bite you in the ankles at some point and it just made no sense to compete in this race.

The search for a sponsor at the moment is tough; I know I have a lot to offer and the feedback I am getting from my proposal is fantastic but the fact is everyone is feeling the pinch.

Still, the quest goes on, my campaign is still going forward with strength and I am daily meeting new people who are helping me to spread the word.

It makes me all the more grateful to my current amazing sponsors and to everyone who has offered help and support over the past three years of competition.

Special thanks this week goes to Steve who has been helping me in selling off some of my old electronics to fund the mini habit.  A link to his shop is here so if you fancy a spot of shopping head right there.

In the meantime I am consoled with addictive Olympics coverage, everyday seeing a new hero emerge from the sporting world. Yesterday I was bowled over by Rebbeca Adlington who’s genuine emotion was a fantastic reminder that though competing at international level in sport is indeed a business with quantifiable returns; we are not machines, we are individuals with personalities and passion plays an enormous part in success.

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