Waving the Flag for Flag Marine Paints

Tomorrow I am booked on a ferry to go back to France.

My little mini is waiting in Lorient and the first training of the season starts in less than two weeks and I need to be there.

There is not too much to do to get her back in the water, I have checked the mast and running rigging, the rudders and pole are back on so really the only remaining job before relaunch is to take off all the flaky orange anti-fouling from the keel and rudders, sand the bottom of the boat back and then antifoul her as she will be in the water now for a few months.

Most readers to my blog will know one of my long term sponsors has been Flag Antifouling, and last week I actually got to meet the whole team and have a look around the factory when I drove to Burnham on Crouch to pick up paint for this year.

I am a curious person by nature so I wasn’t going to turn down a look around the factory; if I had thought about it I would have imagined large vats with mixers and men in white coats………. And well that’s exactly what I got.

The two main pieces of equipment were described to me as multi thousand pound ‘magi-mixes’, the ingredients are added, the paint is mixed and then transferred into large vats with taps on the bottom for dispensing into tins. And that’s it!

In another part of the factory more industrial and complicated a series of wax boilers, bubble away making wood care products and mould release agents.

But I suppose we all know the most crucial part of anything involving a magi mix is the recipe and the man in charge of that John was indeed in a lab coat!

Upstairs John has a sample of every batch of every paint made, which is analysed and then stored; new formulas are created and then properly tested for effectiveness before going on sale. This is where it all really happens.

Great to see it all in action and to meet the people who given me such great support. From the moment David Lewin of Flag answered the phone to me early in 2009 and identified I was the crazy lady he had just read about in the paper for sailing single handed non-stop from South America, they have supplied my campaigns with Antifouling.

Thank you Flag!

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