It is now official, Pip did finish 15th (not 16th) in Serie Classe Leg 2.

Overall Pip is currently SEVENTEENTH overall in Serie Classe There are more boats to finish but Pip’s overall position is very unlikely to change.

An awesome result considering Pip’s race campaign and preparation started over a year later than most. Also conditions were tough in Leg 2 with 9 retirements and one more imminent, many competitors will be pleased just to finish.

A fantastic achievement.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS

  1. Many congratulations from the Chalbury Crew. Fanastic result. Looking forward to hearing about everything from you in person.
    Fred Rita Richard Jacqui Bramble and Ginger

  2. Absolutely excellent! I’d been following the blogs and tracker and have had a few busy days so missed the end of the race. What a great result to find waiting for me!

    Congratulations to Pip, leading lady indeed!

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