So near yet so far!

Pip Hare has been in an ongoing duel with Hugo Lavayssiere to secure 16th place in lLeg 2 of the 2011 Mini Transat.

At 20:40 (CET) Pip was in 15th place with only 36 miles to the finish line in San Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Pip’s ambition for a top 15 finish has almost been realized.

3 thoughts on “So near yet so far!

  1. Pip
    Congratulations for completing a race of attrition for a full three weeks, day & night.
    What an accomplishment 16th amongst so many equally determined sailors.
    Expect that you could do with a spot of shut-eye, when you have “wound down” a bit.

    All the best


  2. Congratulations Pip on a wonderful achievement. We’ve followed you all the way, and are just full of admiration. Well Done.

  3. Pip well done – we are thrilled for you- it was a nail biting last 300 miles for us. Enjoy the party sorry we can’t be with you and WELL DONE!love Debby and Sean

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