For Leg 2 it looks like Pip has a creative game plan and is sticking to it.  Over night Pip and Chuan Guo (China)  were the only two boats to track between Palma, and Tenerife.  Palma is the eastern most island in the Canaries group and the rest of the fleet passed to the east of Palma. This caused Pip to drop down the rankings but at 10:00 (CET) she was tracking at over 4kts faster than the ‘bunch’ which includes the current leader Eric Llull (France).

Pip is now heading to east of the island of Hierro which is suffering from the effects of an offshore underwater volcano. The erruptions have been continuing since last Monday and 600 people have been evacuated from the southernmost town of La Restinga.  The effect on the sea is shown in this video clip: Hierro Offshore Volcano

Decision making continues to be difficult as the conditions are un-seasonable and the fleet is banned from carrying met equipment to give a longer term prediction so it is not practical to make quick decisions to move to apparent better air near by as Pip found out the hard way in Leg 1.

It willl be fascinating to watch Pip’s plan unfold particularly when the fleet approach the doldrums

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