The Goal

I guess it is time to reflect on what I am doing here

The preparation is over, the scene is set and from here it is about sailing, seamanship and well to be honest a bit of luck.

I am lined up with 78 other boats to take on the ocean and each other; we are out there together with a common goal and a unique camaraderie but we are also against each other.

We are competing.

And if we are competing then I think it is important that I have an end goal in sight. Where do I intend to finish?….. that’s the big question.

And that is a question I am at times hesitant to answer.

Making it public; sharing with everyone my hopes and aspirations makes me vulnerable. It exposes me to the stare of outsiders and if I do not achieve my goals it will be there in black and white for all to see; this to be honest I find a hard concept.

The truth is I really do not know how well I will finish in this race. I have not been in the fleet long and am in fact running the shortest campaign of anyone who will cross that start line; and as such I have not had much time to line up against the others and assess my ranking.

What I do know is that I know the sea.

I am not nervous about making this crossing; I am happy to be going to my favourite environment again, and it is with humility and awareness that I am going once more to cross an ocean single handed; and I would hope that some of this knowledge of the sea will help me towards a good end result.

I am a great believer in achievable goals; set your targets high but not so high that you crash down to earth before you have even got close to them; this way step by step you may make it all the way to your wild and crazy dreams.

Today we had our skippers presentation.

We were each introduced with our own chosen theme music to a crowd of cheering and clapping people; it was great and I really felt like I had made it.

In Feb 2010, the mini was just a crazy ambition, but bit by bit I achieved each step to get to the start line and I cannot tell you how proud I am to be here; nothing about this path has been easy.

So now at the start line I must focus on what I hope to achieve.

I wish to race; I do not want to let myself or anyone who has helped me or believed in me down. In truth I would hope to gain a top 15 finish within the series class. This I think would be a good result for my first transat.
If that is achievable I am not sure but I am going to sail as hard as I can; and let us see.

A massive thank you to the many many people who have helped me get this far; my sponsors, friends, family and all those people I don’t know who are egging me on.

Thank you for all the messages that have kept my phone buzzing beside me all night.

I will go out today to meet the ocean in the most positive way I can; and I will try my hardest. That is the best I can give.

2 thoughts on “The Goal

  1. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you Pip. We will be following your progress avidly and relaying same to Em’s Grandad who was enthralled by your Ostar adventure. Love Mike and Di.

  2. Pip,
    We’ve been following your preparations and were out on the water to watch all the boats proceed past Richelieu and out to the start. We’re pulling for you and wishing you fair winds all the way-

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