I sailed like a muppet today.

I don’t know why, I just did; nothing went right, I made foolish beginners mistakes. The boat felt fine, it felt good but I was just sailing like an imbecile.

I hate that. I hate it when I know I can do better than I am, and when there is no reason for my ineptitude.

Actually there is a reason; and it was straight away identified by my coach who was alongside the boat shouting, ‘Peeep! What are you doing????’ (needs to be done with a French accent). ‘Where is your head? You are not in the boat!’

And he was right. My head was not in the boat today. I had a bad nights sleep, woke up at 1am and was awake counting checklists and medical kits and rules and routes and food and cradles until 4.30.

On that front I am getting through the checklists, but in particular the super star hero of the week badge goes to Ian Preston of Prestons Welding, who made my boat trailer.

In exasperation at my difficulties of trying to get my cradle to France I rang Ian a couple of days ago just to see if he had any ideas; and he has been on the case ever since, calling people, asking his mates and contacts; just to help me out.

And hey presto, the cradle which the Artemis Offshore Academy are lending to me to ship my boat back in after the race, will tomorrow be picked up from Cowes and by various means will make it’s way down to me in La Rochelle before the start.

Thank You Ian!

So one more problem has dissolved away and I must look at the others square on and tackle them one by one.

From now on I will be making a strict schedule and keeping to it, a time for work, a time to sort problems and a time to sail; no breaking of the boundaries and a real effort to fit everything in.

There have been too many other things crowding my head for me to sail properly and today was a great day to be on the water; it just would have been nice to take my head with me.

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