Two Handed Round Britain and Ireland

The Shed will race again!

Two Handed Round Britain and Ireland Race 2010

I have teamed up with a fellow short handed sailor, Phil Stubbs, to place an entry in this years, Two Handed Round Britain and Ireland race.

Phil Stubbs, Co-Skipper for Round Britain and Ireland

This is another Classic short handed race around the Outside of the British Isles and Ireland, taking in some of the worlds most challenging waters.

It will be my final race in The Shed and we are gearing up to make it special

This Easter weekend provided perfect conditions for Phil and I to make our qualifying passage for the race. We set off in sunshine and with gusty winds from the NW for a jaunt along the English channel, returning Monday evening after a day in the sun, surfing waves with the small spinnaker up.

Ah…….. it is all coming back. Bring on the summer, we are ready for the challenge.

Of course, racing again means all that preparation, The Shed is scheduled to come out of the water next week for another rub down to make her smooth and lovely under the water. A big thank you to Flag Finishes, have again offered to support my race with the supply of Performance Extra Antifouling for the bottom.

My arms are aching already!

Painting the bottom of The Shed

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