Hi everyone

1463040_10151877106169685_8714363_nhi everyone . sorry for the silence, I am computer deficient and internet negative in the Caribbean. Tough hey!!
Thank you so much for all your comments.
The race was tough – tougher even than 2011 and though I am gutted about breaking my spreaders early on I am really delighted with the come back and I can assure you I was fighting all the way.
hopefully I have some amazing photos videos and sto…ries to share with you all. Though with current internet availability we might need to stick with words until I get back to the UK on Saturday.

Todqy I will be taking my mast down and getting my boat ready for shipping back to the UK. My computer should arrive later on an accompanying boat and then the story telling can begin!!

Pip post!


374477_10152019765574839_223430294_nPip Hare

Since yesturday Pip had been holding 14th place until the race tracker updated at 12:00am yestuday and showed that Pip is now in 15th place. However check out the tracker (http://www.minitransat.fr/cartographie) and it shows that she is sailing faster than Robert Rosen Jacobson in 14th place, so fingers crossed she over takes him in the night.

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