Count Down


Time has done it’s thing again and here we are rapidly approaching August which means only


77 Days to the start of the mini transat


I just can’t believe it. The scene is pretty well set – to date I am still the only British entry in this 84 boat event (although fingers are crossed for Nikki Curwen who is charging her way up the waiting list) and it really is game on.


After quite a hunt I have found a berth for the upcoming weeks inPooleharbour thanks to the amazing generosity of Ian and Sue Toomer who replied to a plea on my Facebook page.


Already having the boat close to home and in the water has reaped it’s benefits, I have sailed and worked on her both days of this weekend which is exactly what I needed.


The job list is growing rather than shrinking and my main aim is to get everything serviced and replaced where necessary and then do as much sailing as possible to make sure all little problems are found and ironed out.


As I have always said with the mini there is no substitute for time in the boat and those that have read my blog will know of the frustrations at how little I have sailed this season.


Having said that I have also been having an amazing year, winning both of the British UK mini events, not just my class but line honours which was astounding.


The tension is building and as I sit now and think about the weeks ahead and the build up to the race I can feel my heart start to gallop in a mixture of excitement and stress.


Soon it will be time to have a crack at the Atlantic again; I am a little older, a little wiser and the Ocean is calling me again.