Problems, problems

I’ve just picked up my last sail from One Sails; an A5 – it’s perfectly flaked and folded in it’s bag in the hold underneath me and I am flying back to La Rochelle, dying to try it out.

This weekend I spent racing a Sunsail F40, for Cazenove Capital Management, in the Jersey regatta; it has been a fantastic friendly event, with amazing weather, dolphins in the bay and some great racing.

The sail back overnight on Sunday was windy and we made it from Jersey to Port Solent in 14 hours.

Now I am happy to be escaping a wet and windy Britain and on my way back to my reality.

The next few days will be spent with the other sailors from CEM (Centre d’Entrainement Mediterranee) – there is only one sailor from our winter coaching group who will not be competing in the transat – with our coach Guillaume Rottee getting us up to pre race speed.

The programme is to include, exercise, sailing with the boats fully loaded for racing ( including all water, safety kit and food), practice on listening to and interpreting the French weather forecast, check lists for the race, mental preparation.

We are lucky to be part of such a group and to be able to benefit from the support from each other and from a coach. At this stage, one little problem or insecurity could easily escalate and dealing with things sensibly and methodically is essential.

My problem of the week is all about shipping.

In order to get my boat back from Brazil, I need to send out a cradle to ship it back in.

I have a cradle, it was cleverly built as part of my road trailer, a centre piece that is removable and will stand alone as a cradle.

Unfortunately I have discovered that this cradle is too large to fit in the container and ship out to Brazil, therefore I need to magic a collapsible mini cradle out of thin air to La Rochelle by 22nd September.

I have found a possible cradle, at the Artemis Offshore Academy in Cowes, but currently the shipping costs are coming out more than the value of the cradle……….. another solution is required.

Like I said……… keep calm, breathe deeply and don’t let a little problem grow.

Sunsail Racing – New sponsor onboard

Yesterday Sunsail Racing officially announced they are coming onboard as one of my sponsors for the mini transat.

I am delighted.

When I first made my way down to the Solent at the tender age of 18, with a dream of working on boats; like so many others my first job was with Sunsail. Though then they had 15 boats ranging between 32 and 35 feet and no GPS’s! (Am I showing my age?)

Well, we have both moved on, me to a 21ft crazy little boat I am going to race across the Atlantic and Sunsail to a brand new fleet of First 40 yachts, one of which I will be racing at Cowes next week.

Many thanks to them for their support, it is great to feel that they are behind what I am doing and that as a company Sunsail supports sailing as a sport as well as a business.


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